Standedge Tunnel, Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

When a Wedding Photographer hires you to capture their wedding...two things run through your mind 1) Ahhh they are such an amazing photographer- pressure is on! 2) THIS WEDDING IS GOING TO LOOK AWESOME!

When I was getting married, I had photographed and been a part of so many weddings that I knew what I wanted, and also felt the pressure to ensure the wedding was photogenic to an extent, because I know that all the weddings I have loved photographing and editing are weddings that I felt really spoke of the couple.

So allow me to introduce you to Joanne of Two for Joy Photography, a wonderful photographer in her own right who was getting married and celebrating her wedding at Standedge Tunnel.

It was an autumnal chilly start to the day where Joanne and all her friends were getting ready in the glorious surroundings of  her friends home; this friend also was the wedding caterer for the day; so throughout the bridal prep cheeky sneak peeks of eaton mess and large meringues were on display and testing my willpower.

The day was beautiful and all the colours and detail really were breathtaking, from the glorious autumnal bridesmaids dresses which were finished by delicate flower crowns and bouquets which really echoed the deep rich colours within their dresses.

Joanne's stunning lace dress beautiful complemented Richard's deep navy blue suit and tweed waist coat and maroon tie.

All elements had been thought through including a nice warm soup and crusty bread roll just after the ceremony whilst everyone was mingling at the church to keep the guests all warm and snug. Ive never seen it before but i ADORED it, all winter weddings should seriously consider a cup of warm soup and crusty bread as it warmed me up a treat!

I really hope you love the thoughtful elements that Joanne and Richard thought up of within their special day, as there was something hidden in ever area.