Trentham Gardens, Pre Wedding Shoot

Jessie + Chris' Pre Wedding Shoot in the indulgent Trentham Gardens.

When a New Yorker fell in love in Staffordshire it lead to a wonderful pre wedding shoot in the sumptuous surroundings of Trentham Gardens. Loved shooting Chris + Jessie they were so in love, so confident and so in tune with one another. Everything felt comfortable and honest, they were telling me of how they met the adventures they had been on and all the places Chris has taken Jessie to across the UK.

This was a very last minute shoot as they had both been let down by a previous photographer and due to the travel involved still within their relationship they still wanted to make the most of the time before Jessie had to head back to work. These two really do make long distance look adorable and easy, but i suppose when you are so in love you'll fight to make anything work.

Thank you for allowing me to capture these pre wedding shots, in just jaw dropping attire and making the other wanderers of Trentham Gardens wonder what high end shoot we were capturing.

I really do hope your wedding day is as special as the love you two have.