A Wet and Windy Engagement shoot in Windermere

So the other week I drove up to Windermere to catch up with Alex + Matt for an impromptu surprise Engagement shoot Alex had organised for Matt, the day before Valentines and during their half term break.

When I parked up I was a little downbeat at how the session was going to pan out, I had driven nearly 2 hours in drizzle and as soon as I had parked up IT STARTED SNOWING! I kid you not!

But within 5minutes the snow clouds had passed, the drizzle subsided and as we made our way up the trail the clouds were beginning to make a move. White skies were starting to give us a glimpse of sunshine; but sods law...the sun only fully shone when the session was over and we were back beside the cars...

It was brilliant (if slightly more inclined then expected, I realised I am not fit enough to walk, talk and also climb up hills) Once at the top we were greeted by stunning views over lake Windermere for a rural Engagement shoot, and a natural facial botox. The wind was like icicles hitting your face and mine was completely numb within seconds of being on the top, but we had a laugh, a giggle, a bit of running and some jumping off rocky mounds...(perfectly safe though, I'm not that crazy)

So Happy Valentines Weekend to you all, I hope everyone receives love and kind wishes and a cheeky drink or two.

Matt + Alex....Your wedding day is going to ROCK!