Your Privacy, My Priority


Welcome to my privacy policy, if you’re here you’ve either gone a bit click happy on my website or you know how important being aware about your data and how it’s being used is. I want you to be confident in knowing how committed I am to keeping your privacy…private.


So here it is, Claire Basiuk Photography’s official breakdown of my commitment to your privacy.


What Information I Collect

Contact Form

So you’re search for a wedding photographer is hopefully what lead you here, my website never stores any of your information, but if you do decide to get in touch with me via my contact form on the website then I ask for the following details from you:

  • Name – this is always useful to know for when I reply to you, either that or we could go with our ‘made up names’ (cheeky little spiderman reference that I am not sorry I used)
  • Telephone number – I use this to just send you a quick confirmation text to let you know I have replied to your email and you should probably check your junk folder…I tend to wander into there for people.
  • Addresses 
  • Email

Booking Form

So you’ve decided to book with me…YAY! And also THANK YOU, I cannot wait to capture your special day and see first hand all the wonderful ideas you bring to life; this does however mean that I collect some extra information on top of that collected on my contact form:

  • Bride + Groom Name
  • Couple’s Address
  • Phone Number 
  • Email Address 
  • Venue Addresses
  • Date
  • Schedule Timings

This is the only information I will ever request from you, I use this information in the following ways:

  • To provide you with information and services you requested from me
  • To process your booking
  • To send you any items purchased as part of your booking i.e Albums/Prints
  • To ensure I have the required details to help photograph your day
  • To notify you about any deals and offers related to my services that may be of interest to you

If an enquiry doesn’t choose to use my services then their information collected is removed from my databases and I will no longer have their data. 


GDPR Compliance - Where your information is stored

All information gathered is stored within the EU in the following way - when you get in touch all your information is sent to me as an email, these are stored on my laptop’s email with your details being transferred to a workflow spreadsheet this allows me to keep track of where we are with your booking (payments, when I need to get in touch with your pre-wedding chat etc); both of these are accessed on my laptop and sticking to GDPR compliance they are encrypted password protection; and only accessible by myself. 


How I Use Photos of You

As a wedding photographer I take lots of photographs of your day to help you look back fondly at your day.  Aside from delivering these images to you I do also share some of the images on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (usually tagging the couples in those posts) and my website.  It was probably via one of these platforms you probably found me through so you can appreciate how important it is for my business. 

In my contract I do mention about permission to share photographs from your day, but if you don’t want anything to be shared for whatever reason then of course I will respect that. 

By booking a wedding photographer for your day I assume that your guests are absolutely fine for me to take images of them; however if there is anyone who would prefer not to be photographed as long as I am made aware, I won’t take any photos of them. Simples. It’s your responsibility to make sure your guests are okay to be photographed. There aren’t any hard and fast rules about photographs being data within the GDPR but when I do share posts on my social media feeds, couples request that they are tagged in those posts; if you would prefer for this not to be the case then that is ok, just let me know. (I have recently amended my contract to make these options easier for you to opt in and out of)


Right to Access, Rectification and Erasure

You can request to know what information I have on you, as stated above; If you want me to amend or delete anything you’ll need to request this in writing so I can be sure I know what it is you want. Once I’ve delivered your images you can of course ask me to delete you from my database and have no further contact; just try and drop me gently please, I don’t deal too well with breakups! If you do wish to stay connected though then, awesome, and i’ll hold onto your details in accordance with your rights in the EU.


3rd Party Suppliers

I work with a few suppliers who provide lots of lovely eye candy for you like prints and albums. If you purchase any of these items I get the suppliers to send to me directly, and I then forward onto you; Certain albums require text i.e cover and spine text. This is created by yourself and only this text is shared with the supplier in the design proof. I understand the suppliers I use are also compliant with GDPR and will not have the details to sign you up to any dodgy websites. 

When a second photographer has been requested, then the only personal data transferred about you between myself and the second photographer are first names, date of the wedding, venue of the wedding and time to start.


GDPR Compliance

I try and keep up to date with the latest legislation and I’m proactively working towards being fully GDPR compliant, my computers are all password protected with individual passwords, your data and images are stored on two softwares, my emails and my workflow. I have encrypted hard drives both on and off site, as well as cloud storage which has its own passwords. Copies of contracts and your images are stored on one of these on site hard drives and cloud storage.

Only I have access to your data. If the EU decides to change anything I will have to revisit this and make loads of changes, I will do my best to ensure I keep up to date with any of their changes.